July 2016 Blood Drive in Lansdale, PA

Thank you to everyone who supported the Carol H. Axelrod Memorial Blood Drive at the Reserve at Gwynedd in Lansdale on July 13! We are thrilled that 89 units of blood were collected at the drive. This means that as many as 267 patients will be able to receive the lifesaving transfusions they need in the days and weeks ahead. Your generosity and commitment have made it possible for close to 300 patients and families to spend more time together. 

Blood products must be on the shelves, and ready to use, before they are needed—and the need is constant. Thank you for helping to alleviate the critical need this summer! 

We are pleased that the drive also was able to raise awareness and support for the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund and RSVPtwo organizations that are doing very important work in the community.

Thank you again for your help, your support, and your commitment to saving lives! 

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